stratégie - création du jeu Taillefine

Design of an animation on Facebook



Taillefine, brand lighter desserts Danone, wanted to create a game in order to recruit and animate its community. Following our recommendation made to the site, we thought a game highlighting the notion of pleasure.

The game is called “the 7 deadly sins” and allows to win “Taillefine Box”. Operation: each day dur- ing the contest capital pleasure is expressed by Taillefine on his Facebook wall: lust, gluttony… The user is invited to illustrate a capital pleasure he has given recently depending on the topic. For example with the sin of pride: “I made believe a friend that I was waiting for her 30 minutes while I had myself 20 minutes late. A jury has decided the winner based on the number of “likes” and so the winner of a “Taillefine box” in relation to the theme of the fun of the day.

Agency : Blast Radius
Art Director : Céline Robin