Marine Mirguet - Brand Content Manager


From the flatplan’s design to the writing of content through the choice of paper, the printed communication provides an interesting playground to give the right mood to a speech.


As a digital native, Internet was my first contact with the profession. Beyond the content creation, the web allows us to develop means of communication with increasing meaning for the user.


Whether it is for launch a new service or a brand, creating an identity is a time most amusing. By responding to business needs, we have the opportunity to develop a whole brand territory.


We can say so much in so little time… interviews, company visits, lookbooks : there is nothing more effective in conveying a brand universe, with the support of a good storytelling.


To boost a brand or conquer a new target, the gaming can be a powerful strategic leverage to make discover the universe of a brand to its consumers.

Fashion design

From the creation of moodboards, to the realisation of silhouettes and engineering drawings, I can design or assist developing projects in the the fashion world.

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I have often been told “having ideas is not enough”. No, indeed, we also need words and a team. Words, to successfully explain the idea, make it live and transmit to the team. The team to seize it and make it tangible. Because what’s an idea without a team?

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